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1. Those who have not found Reality have made ceremonies into religion.
2. The pleasure of Liberation is the possession of someone who is the essence of religion, and not possessed by religion.2
3. There are many who speak of God, none who know Him.
4. Mysticism is the knowledge of non-existence.
5. There is salvation for man beyond the human state.
6. Everything is you, but you are not you.
7. To the extent you are not, you are dominant; to the extent you are, you are dominated.
8. There is a fundamental error in worldly values: the non-existent is thought existent.
9. There are no sons of Adam, there are only sons of intelligence.
10. Do not remain in the concrete, attain the abstract.
11. The riddle of creation is solved by non-existence.
12. Have you proof positive that your body is bodily?
13. Many are awake, but none awakened from the human state.
14. The satiated strives for the limited, the hungry for the body absolute.
15. If you are content with what you’ve found, how splendid! If not, that is the splendor of splendors.
16. Verification is not the road to the “oneness of being”, but to the “essence of being”.16
17. Without asceticism you cannot change mere words into revelation.
18. On the day you wander satiated don’t consider yourself a seeker.18
19. There has never been peace for man, except in extentism.
20. The spiritual guide wants a seeker with x-ray eyes; whose vision might see the unseen.
21. Seek strength in weakness
Seek riches in poverty
Seek life in death
Seek existence in non-existence
22. Ascetism puts the seeker in touch with the Divine Essence. They make him independent of a guide.
23. Hunger is the bread of the prophets, the dainty morsel of the saint.
24. Prophethood is cheap, extinction is costly.24
25. He who does not achieve poverty is poor indeed.25
26. He who wanders the ocean, what has he to do with the river?He who reaches the absolute, what has he to do with the messenger?
27. What does the toper know of drunkenness?
Ask the alcohol what is intoxication?
28. The world is a manifestation whose character is “as if it had never been”.
29. Eternity is in non-existence, to the degree something is not there, it is eternal.
30. This is for number 30. Ask Brent to translate.
31. Renounce worldly wiles that you may receive the perspicacity of the pre-eternal.31
32. Quitting this world is the greatest miracle.
33. Everything is matter, but matter is not matter.
34. Verily all existing things are reality, but reality is not real.
35. Knowledge is the veil covering the Unseen.35
36. Know the value of grief, hold affliction dear.36
37. What your question is, your perfection is.
38. What you lost in being born, you will find in dying.
39. The world is an unfinished business.
40. Turn the page of existence, and the book is finished.
41. The body is pure meaning that appears as matter.
42. Go so far that “in you there is no you-ness left,” In things no thing-ness left, and in Godhead left.
43. On the road to your extinction, will be deemed the permissible to make possible the impossible in the perfecting. (footnote)
44. You will find the true life in death.
45. In the logic of verification the minor premiseis perception the major premiseis the unseen. (footnote)
46. The heedless are in a deep coma “Creation”.
47. That is (Have Brent interpret)
48. God is the abyss, those who love to fall discover.
49. In the world be a stranger. With the Divine Essence be as one. At the feast be the goblet. (unique sole footnote)
50. Attain the Realities and the difficulties are over. (footnote)
51. Mysticism is not about knowing but finishing.51
52. It is ____(ask Brent) that comes with asceticism; it is imagination that comes with story telling.
53. Do not wander from door to door; what you desire is within you.
54. Look at the disciples and discern the teacher.
55. Don’t search in the outside world: when nothing remains outside then you have come into Being.
56. Through the Beautiful Names of God you don’t succeed; with extinction you do.56(It does not happen through the Beautiful Name of God it happens through extinction.)
57. Put aside the mysticism of consolation and go to the mysticism of manifestation.57
58. In extinction every concept turns into a different truth.
59. “The twenty years of Paganini.59
60. A body without asceticism is an instrument untuned.
61. In extinction, the truth of what God is takes on a another quality, another nature.
62. He who attains verification is saved, today from darkness tomorrow from slavery.
63. God is Presence non-existent; Man is non-existence present. (Truth is non-existingly existent, ______(ask Brent) existently non-existent.
64. “Suffering, like a sculptor, chisels you from the block.”
65. The more your human nature dies, the more your essential nature emerges.
66. Your loves and affections are your heedlessness.
67. The world is a negative they call manifestation.
68. “The human is a compromise between Being and Non-Being.”
69. The truth of the sons of Adam is expansive perception. The truth of the…..broken extinguished perception.69
70. One who has found god has found everything.
71. The eye was given that one might see what is unseen.
The foot was given that one might reach the unreached.
72. Aptitude and longing are the passive connections. Asceticism is the active connection. Other connections are illustions.72
73. The world and its ruins endure.
74. The beginning of time pre-eternity is a darkness, radiant. The…is a brightness, obscure.74
75. He who seeks the …of faith reaches the source of all religions.
76. Have you ever reached a world without you?
77. Be drowned in zikr; till neither the seeker nor the sought remains.Don’t eat, don’t eat; until hunger is your home and satiety exile. Hold affliction dear: until you are totally saved.
78. Fall into the bottomless abyss that you may be free from falling like the planets.
79. At one time they speak from below, another time from above…it seems a contradiction to us.79
80. Be a candle burning till dawn, that you may find Permanency.80
81. Extinction begins in the place where existence ends.(footnote)
82. The work is the transition from being to ecstasy.
83. The spiritual guide is the light-house; he is not the destination; neither does he hide his light.
84. The world is a poisonous mirage: it’s worship that is the antidote.
85. The true spiritual guide is the essential knowledge of the divine.
86. One compelled by god is as gold leaf: crushed but not broken.
87. O Shemsi Tebriz! What a sun you must have been that a single ray of your light became Master of the world.87
88. Put aside the religious laws and find the Lawmaker.
89. Supreme Judge. The path of vindication passes sometimes through the tranquilities of the mosque and sometimes through the Tavern of wine.89
90. Your heart cannot come to life before you die.
91. Lights deprive one of the mysteries.
92. One sun sets, a thousand suns rise: in the evening of things visible, in the dawn of things hidden.92
93. Do miracles astonish you or does love intoxicate you?
94. For knowledge of the nonexistent, there is no codex.
95. Seek a God not restricted to the Godhead.95
96. The animal Spirit is beyond the inorganic;The relative Spirit is beyond the body; The absolute Spirit is beyond all existences.96
97. What you have found is the obstacle to what you have not yet found.
98. Creation is without rhyme of reason. (The things that are are without cause or purpose-footnote defeat)
99. The spiritual guide is a mirror, whose value the beloved understands.
100. What is the meaning of The Inventor of the non-existent – what does this mean?
101. Things holy are things non-existent.
102. The task of the spiritual guide is to take you beyond.
103. Nirvana is a wine cup with bearer.
104. Hunger resurrects the dead, satiety kills the living.
105. Satan has concealed himself in the “Bismillah”.105
106. What have you sought in Islam and not found?106
107. Love is metaphysical so long as it is between personalities or between lord and slave.107
108.Mankind’s pleasure is found between bewilder me and forgive me.108
109. Perception is the link between necessity and possibility.
110. The more your heedlessness tame realities the more your unsureness in apprehension.
111. The heedless are nourished on things existent, the perfected on things non-existent.
112. Truth is the lord of the uninitiated, the substance of the initiated. But for the rarest of the rare Truth is neither the one nor the other.112
113.The absolute is the starting point and the answer to every question.
114. Who does not reach non-existence has not reached the Truth.
115. It is neither unity nor multiplicity: It is the discrimination of the totality of meanings.115
116. “Be” consists of knowledge of the essence.
117. Extinction resolves the contrariness of the essences. The conflict between opposing concepts.117
118. Words from a master of new fiction concepts are like old wine. Old wine; speech from a master of verification.
119. The aim is the music, words are only the pretext; the intention is intoxication, the goblet is only the vessel. The aim is the manifestation on Mt. Sinai after the annihilation in the (?????????) wilderness; the promise is the Land of the Unseen after the Dream of the desire. Footnote?
120. If you are aware of the mystery, you will not strive to reform the World.
121. The ???????????? life in the fire, like the salamander.
122. The highest zikr is to know even the highest zikr as heedlessness.
123. He who has not been cast into the Nile cannot command the Red Sea.124. The perfect man is the meeting place of two worlds.124 [wow_spacing size="15px"]125. He who says that God is One…………………………………………..
126. The extent of your being is your body

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